Employees of the Quarter

Our OB House was full of Vision View’s dedicated staff on the 10th of October 2017, where they gathered in appreciation of music, conversations and food, while honouring the most outstanding employees of this quarter.

The event started with an ice-breaker, where three of Vision View’s employees from various departments had to explain a job description within the company and identify a person who fits it. While most of the guesses were (almost) right, you would be surprised by how much we don’t delve into the entire process of production. For that reason, the ice-breaker was as fun as it was informative.

When the moment of truth came, it was unanimous  that OB Camera Supervisor, Mpumezo George, was the most deserving employee, as he had shown a spirit of diligence and passion for his work. He attested to how he can sometimes be hard on his colleagues, and said it was all because he was passionate about his job. From the ENG side, it was editor, Katlego Makabanyane who received the award, due to how much he had always availed himself when duty calls, among other things. His growth and dynamicity over the years were remarkable to watch.

After having let our hair down, it’s now back to business and onward we go, looking forward to the next quarter!